We Won’t Wait: To Protect Immigrants, Joe Biden Must Act Immediately

  • Reverse all of Trump’s anti-immigrant executive orders;
  • Reunite families that were separated by Trump;
  • Ensure all immigrants have access to free and safe Covid-19 testing, treatment, and an eventual vaccine;
  • Reinstate and expand DACA and TPS;
  • End for-profit detention facilities and release all immigrants from detention immediately;
  • Reinstate the refugee and asylum programs that were gutted by Trump.
  • Halt all deportations until there are permanent legal protections for immigrants;
  • Divest billions from ICE and CBP to fund COVID-19 relief efforts.

Greisa Martínez Rosas is a DACA recipient and the Executive Director of United We Dream (UWD).



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UWD is the first and largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation & advocates for the dignity of immigrant families, regardless of immigration status.