By Nestor Ruiz

My name is Nestor and today I spoke out against the deportations by the Biden administration in front of ICE Building in Washington, D.C. because millions of Black and brown people need immediate and permanent protection from deportation.

I’ve risked arrest once under the Obama-Biden administration for the same reason. In fact, I was arrested for blocking the entrance to the Broward County Detention Camp, an unassuming pale pink building where my dad was imprisoned before his deportation.

During the summer of 2014, countless youth just like me risked arrest at the detention centers where our families were held before…

Greisa Martínez Rosas

It is undeniable that record turnout from Black and Latinx voters and young people propelled Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential race, especially in states like Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Nevada. Now our communities have a clear message for Biden: We need restitution for immigrants — executive actions and legislation to protect immigrants right away. We won’t wait.

Biden must take action immediately to advance immigrant justice. From the first moments he entered the White House, Donald Trump used executive action to advance his white nationalist, anti-immigrant agenda. During his first week, Trump issued a sweeping

The Fight to Melt ICE
The Fight to Melt ICE

Abolition for the People

Under the cover of post-9/11 antiterrorism, the Department of Homeland Security has unleashed a carceral assault on immigrant families and children

This article is part of Abolition for the People, a series brought to you by a partnership between Kaepernick Publishing and LEVEL, a Medium publication for and about the lives of Black and Brown men. The series, which comprises 30 essays and conversations over four weeks, points to the crucial conclusion that policing and prisons are not solutions for the issues and people the state deems social problems — and calls for a future that puts justice and the needs of the community first.

By Cristina Jiménez Moreta and Cynthia Garcia

Immigrant youth and our families courageously left everything behind…

At United We Dream we know that the stories of immigrant youth and our loved ones have been at the heart of transformative change for our communities and our homes.

In our day to day, we live in a world that frequently silences, shames and erases immigrants and people of color. When we are seen, we are often characterized as criminals or doctors, with no room for our lived experiences and our unique strengths, flaws, passions, and joys.

Time and time again, we have seen firsthand that the people closest to the pain are the closest to the breakthroughs and…

By Cristina Jiménez

When the other co-founders of United We Dream and I first envisioned building a network for and by immigrant youth, we dreamed of a space where undocumented youth could live with dignity, safety and be in community while winning justice for our communities.

We founded United We Dream in 2008 and three years later I began my journey as Executive Director. …

By: Adrian Reyna, Strategy Director, United We Dream Action

Democrats need to address, and not hide from the reality of the over 3 million people deported under the Obama administration.

There’s a saying, “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it,” which is exactly why voters need to hear Vice President Biden offer a more direct answer to the question Jorge Ramos asked during the last Democractic debate in Houston about the Obama administration’s immigration record.

It worries me that the Vice President sees defending Obama’s legacy as indistinguishable from defending the three million deportations that occurred…

Hey, it’s me! Nestor from United We Dream!

I’ve been thinking a lot about school lately.

When my father was deported, I couldn’t talk about it — I was told to keep quiet because ICE could come and get the rest of my family at any moment. So I didn’t say anything.

This all happened when I was a middle schooler. But I didn’t have the space or the trust to talk to my teachers about what happened, much less tell them that I’m undocumented.

After my father’s deportation, I was struggling and couldn’t focus in school. My grades drastically…

A lot is happening on DACA and immigration overall. Join us as we break down this moment together. We’ll also be talking about this together on Facebook Live Friday, August 17th at 6:00PM ET — get your questions ready for UWD members!

Top 5 Things You Need To Know:

  1. The Trump Administration’s goal is to end protections. Their goal is to speed up the courts & use us as bargaining chips for his border wall and more agents. ​This administration killed DACA on September 5, 2017, and has said that their ultimate goal is to deport undocumented people. Trump has…

I’m a DACA Recipient, what do I need to know about President Trump’s Announcement to end DACA and the latest legal challenges?

Check out this link:

I need help paying my DACA renewal fees — how can the DACA Renewal Fund help?

UWD has provided resources to a number of local partners across the country. Please find that list below and reach out to them for support:



Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

  • United We Dream…

Together with its strategic partners, The United We Dream Network has launched The Renewal Fund: an urgent opportunity to directly support DACA recipients’ renewal efforts. Every dollar raised will go directly to renewal fees for eligible DACA recipients. More detail can be found here.

WHERE YOU COME IN: UWD will connect local partners that are ALREADY serving DACA Recipients with funding to cover the renewal fees of DACA recipients.

HOW IT WORKS: An application is available HERE. You can fill it out to ensure that you meet the criteria that UWD has established including the ability to:

  • Provide a w-9…

UWD is the first and largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation & advocates for the dignity of immigrant families, regardless of immigration status.

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